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A web of magical occurrences leading to Sedona (Part 2)

The story of magic continues as I found myself on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona with a flat tire, no one from the car share company picking up the phone, and the sun going down fast.

Eline Mets—Filmmaker, poet, and RCIC ( )

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A quick internet search showed I was three minutes from the only tire shop in the vicinity. But since they were closing in less than an hour and after calling them, I was informed that they didn’t have the capability to tow, they might as well have been on the Moon.

Or so I thought. All of a sudden the owner of the car calls me back, is there within 20 minutes and drives the car with an empty tire to the shop himself (I knew I did not want to be liable for damaging these 20 inch wheels). We got there 10 minutes before the shop closed, and if I had not called them half an hour before, they would not have taken us in. Although I as the renter would probably have been liable for the tire, the owner went inside the office, paid for two rear tires and left, saying we could sort it out through the app later.

So there I was, hanging out in the office unti...

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