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Absurd, UN dithers while Ukraine fights for Democracy (part 3)

Russia and Ukraine are preparing spring offensives. Russian soldiers don’t want to be sacrificed on far away battlefields, but Ukrainian soldiers are fighting for their families, homes and right to exist.

(Read part 1 in Eesti Elu / Estonian Life issue # 14)

Favoring Ukrainians are morale, better training, better leadership and superior equipment. Desertions of Russian soldiers are already occurring with Russian officers losing control over their own forces. Dispirited and bitter Russian soldiers returning to their own homes could be paid for renovation work on schools, libraries, nursing homes, community facilities and they would pledge their allegiance to their local governors, ushering in the collapse of central control from the Kremlin. Then it will be important to engage with democratically inclined groups in Russia, proactively in managing the decolonization of the Russian Federation.

Reflecting on the incomplete breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991 because western powers sided with the Kremlin, the aspirations for freedom of many: the Udmurts, Ezryans, Mokshans, Bashkirs, Circassians, Mari, Chechens and others were denied. Ukrainians we...

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