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ALPA Kids’ enriching apps for children


“Edutainment can be Screenless, and still Capture Children's [Attention]". This headline came from Bruce Maguire at People of Play, “the toy industry's most comprehensive networking and resource hub.”

Indeed education that is entertaining does not require a screen. There are generations upon generations of childhood memories to confirm this, prior to the advent of computers or television.

And there is a growing movement to move children away from screens, for the benefit of their development. But just as Fred Rogers worked hard to create quality, uplifting TV programming for children, it’s worthwhile to create, for all of the times a screen will be used, content that is mind-expanding, healthy, and fun.

Advancing this goal is ALPA Kids, a company from Estonia that creates mobile applications. At the helm are the co-founders and friends Kelly Lilles (CEO), Mikk Lilles (CTO), Reimo Meier (Art Director), and Janek Jaago (COO).

The main endeavour of the company, they declare, is to develop e-learning games for children ages two to eight and to “focus on less spoken languages.” Games that build an understanding of language and culture among children...

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