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Change for the better

Always a philosophical bent of the scrawny fella. Ya know, it is not easy being slender, when everyone else is corpulent, whether in the pocketbook or visibly so.

Not nice to say so, but how is it that weighty matters are decided not by deep thinkers, but it seems at times by those who have consumed more calories than perhaps thoughts of others? Fat from the food taken from those that allow them the largesse one would say.

Which is why (my English teacher of grade 9 would have shudder’d at this start – pause here, but hey, the lean machine, gutless wonder, call me what thou willst is no Shakespearian) dribbles happily along enjoying quality culture. Perhaps dribbles is wrong, the slimster cares deeply about expressions of Estonianism. Hoping always for the best.

That hope does see at times compensation. The recent CD release of Fööniks, in late last year, Võluväel (By power of magic) is a splendid indication. The band’s name is the Estonian word for phoenix, the fabulous bird of Egyptian mythology, said to live for 500 years in the Arabian Desert and then consume itself by fire, rising from its ashes as young and beautiful to live thro...

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