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Come Sing with Estonia Koor!

Members of the Estonia Choir at this summer’s 150th Anniversary of Estonia’s Song and Dance Festival inn between singing with about 25,000 other choristers under the huge band shall in Tallinn. Photo by Peeter Põldre (2019)

Estonia Koor invites all current choristers and new singers to come join us!
After an unexpectedly long pause in our activities, Estonia Koor is resuming rehearsals albeit at a new venue. Estonia Koor’s first rehearsal will be on Thursday, September 15 and our regular rehearsals will be held Thursday evenings from 7pm – 9:30pm at the Latvian Canadian Cultural Centre, 4 Credit Union Drive. For more information contact Hilja Laasen 647-550-8745 or
Let’s get those vocal chords humming again. We look forward to seeing you!