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Disinformation and its consequences

Much has been written over the past few years about the future of St. Peter’s church, some of which is factual and some which is based on rumour, conspiracy theories and lies.

As elsewhere, disinformation, lies, entrenched positions and an inability or unwillingness to separate fact from fiction have permeated the Estonian Canadian (Toronto) community over the past few years. Historically, there have always been divisions and those who stoke them, intentionally or out of ignorance. These divisions only serve those who wish to divide and see our community diminished.

When our parents and grandparents arrived in post-war Canada, they brought with them the culture and customs of pre-war Estonia and immediately set up organizations and events to continue these traditions. Later, as the community generated wealth, they came together to purchase, build, and rebuild physical spaces for the purpose of having a place to congregate. It was imperative that Estonian culture be kept alive until the day that Estonia became free.

I have been a member of St. Peter’s church since our family arrived in Canada. Over the years, the church has played a sign...

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