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EDU-cation: Unequal Learning Loss

Happy New Year to everyone! Let's hope the new year will finally see the end of the pandemic. In education research, there have been many studies recently taking stock of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and two years of school closures.

Not only did they drive many parents into despair, but research also shows significant learning loss due to school closures and online schooling. However, as always, the consequences hit the poorest regions and people hardest.

Failing Exams in Rural Ghana

When I visited Ghana last March, I saw the impacts of COVID-19 on education in a small rural community in West Africa. Mercy, an orphan girl whose schooling I had been supporting through her elementary and middle school years, was eagerly waiting for her state exam results that would determine whether she could continue to high school. She had always been among the best in her class, so my surprise and her disappointment were great when we picked up her results and they were much worse than expected. It was heartbreaking to console Mercy. Not only did she panic about missing out on further education, she also feared being beaten up by her uncle for the ba...

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