2019 Short Film Competition


The new estdocs season in already underway and we’re ready to receive your 7 min (maximum) short films for competition. Please see the summary below for this year's theme, conditions and prizes. Check out previously entered films at estdocsTO Youtube channel.

2019 Short Film Competition


Maximum 7 minutes
Credits maximum 15 seconds

Content and Style
“Live action” or animation
Must be a documentary or docudrama
Subject or theme must be connected to Estonia or Estonians
Has not been screened anywhere before October 1, 2019

DVD or Blu-ray (two copies) or
electronic file (h.264)


Submission Date
To be received in Toronto no later than October 1st 2019


Total $2,500 (CDN) in prizes. The first prize may be $1,000 and the audience award $300. Other prize amounts may be awarded in the various categories at the discretion of the independent jury. The jury can add to or change the categories.


More informatsion
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