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EstoCast: Goals and epic saves with Andreas Vaikla

Soccer is full of highs and lows, from being surrounded by the cheers and chants of 20,000 fans in the stands to excruciating pain while recovering from an injury. But The Beautiful Game continues to draw players and billions of spectators.

Telling us about his own epic career moments, his own highs and lows, is goalkeeper Andreas Vaikla, who has most recently played for Toronto FC.

This time around, EstoCast is available in both video and audio. Watch the video to find out about: 

⚽️ what it was like to be coached by legendary Estonian goalkeeper Mart Poom

⚽ why a “cheeky Nando's”, banter, and video games make a team stronger

⚽ the advice he’d give to his fans

⚽️ and much more

(Hosted by Vincent Teetsov)

If you’re on the go, you can listen to/download the audio-only episode on Spotify:

Find EstoCast on all major streaming platforms.

EstoCast is a podcast presented by Estonian Museum Canada/VEMU, Estonian Music Week and Eesti Elu/Estonian Life newspaper. In each episode of Estocast, join us as we delve into another dimension of Estonian culture in Canada, Estonia, and elsewhere. Through discussions of books, music, art, history, science, and more, we discover what it is to be Estonian and what Estonian people have to offer the broader world.

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