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EstoCast: Notes on the Opera Life with Kristina Maria Agur

As described by opera singer Kristina Maria Agur (whose nickname is “Mama Estonia”), opera productions employ countless singers, artists, and technical professionals. And the return is significant—culturally, socially, and financially. This is all possible because of how much people value the art form, especially in countries like Germany and Austria where she has lived.

If you’ve ever wanted a personal tour of the inside of the opera world, you’ll want to listen to the latest episode of Estocast, where Kristina tells us:

🎶 how she moved from geochemistry to the second alto section of the Wiener Staatsoper

🎶 what makes Thursday nights special for singers all across Toronto

🎶 why chopping wood and beautiful cafés go hand in hand

🎶 and much more!

(Hosted by Vincent Teetsov)

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EstoCast is a podcast presented by Estonian Museum Canada/VEMU, Estonian Music Week and Eesti Elu/Estonian Life newspaper. In each episode of Estocast, join us as we delve into another dimension of Estonian culture in Canada, Estonia, and elsewhere. Through discussions of books, music, art, history, science, and more, we discover what it is to be Estonian and what Estonian people have to offer the broader world.

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