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EstoCast: Setting the Scene with Krista Koger

Krista in a New York City taxi on the set of Disney's "Sneakerella"
Krista in a New York City taxi on the set of Disney's "Sneakerella"

As a film technician, Krista Koger has created all sorts of imaginative set decorations, special effects, and props to make believable visuals for major films and TV series. In this episode of EstoCast, she reveals:

🎬how the blacksmithing and jewellery design skills she developed at Eesti Kunstiakadeemia led to working on major shows and movies

🎬the way that exchange rates affect the amount of work that the Canadian film industry does

🎬why crews are always filming “mayonnaise commercials”

🎬and much more!

(Hosted by Vincent Teetsov)

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EstoCast is a podcast presented by Estonian Museum Canada/VEMU, Estonian Music Week and Eesti Elu/Estonian Life newspaper. In each episode of Estocast, join us as we delve into another dimension of Estonian culture in Canada, Estonia, and elsewhere. Through discussions of books, music, art, history, science, and more, we discover what it is to be Estonian and what Estonian people have to offer the broader world.

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