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Estonian Foundation in Canada scholarship fellow Tiffany Hogg

Tiffany Hogg
is an Estonian-Canadian university student who received a 2020 EFC Scholarship with funding from the new Martin & Heljo Mäeks Fund. Tiffany has worked as a registered nurse in the Georgetown Hospital for almost 2 years, and is now working on completing her B.Sc. in Nursing at Trent University. Growing up, Tiffany participated in Toronto Estonian School and Guides, attended Jõekääru and worked at Seedrioru.

On being Estonian:
I value my Estonian roots. To know about my homeland, my ancestors, to learn about customs and traditions. So I could one day teach it to my children. Estonian traditions are important to me and my family….. Estonian customs are dear to us, we just cannot do without them. So we learn every day. We learn at Estonian Kindergarten, schools and summer camps. We learn that it is good and proud to be an Estonian. We cheer for the Estonian athletes, we celebrate Estonian Independence Day. We remain connected with other Estonians in order to remain viable and to teach our next generations. We can teach being Estonian and our traditions to our children by baking <i>kringel<i> (Estonian sweet pretzel), folk dancing, making potato salad in the Estonian way or making pancakes with the family or just getting together with Estonian friends to reminisce about fun times spent at camps or Estonian school trips…. We just have to find and keep what is dear to us.

Estonian Foundation of Canada plays an important role for us, Estonians living abroad. Because of it and as a proof of this, our Estonian culture survives. Children may attend Estonian Kindergarten, meet other Estonian children, learn Estonian language and traditions. Youth may attend the Estonian Schools where they learn about Estonian history, folk dancing and sing Estonian songs. Everyone loves attending Estonian summer camps, volleyball and Kotkajärve camps. Thanks to the Foundation support, we can enjoy Estonian Christmas, <i>Suvihari<i> and Estdocs film festival. We can all celebrate together and make memories for a lifetime. Let’s keep the Estonian community alive for generations. Thank you, Estonian Foundation of Canada!