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A web of magical occurrences leading to Sedona (Part 1)

I recently came back from a life-changing trip from Sedona, Arizona. A place that wasn’t on my radar until it popped into my life and ended up turning it upside down. In the best possible way. So today, I'm going to tell you a story.

Eline Mets—Filmmaker, poet, and RCIC ( )
Eline Mets—Filmmaker, poet, and RCIC ( )

A story about magic. A story that could have gone any other way, but it went the way it was supposed to.

The roots of this go way back into my childhood, where I have to thank my mom for raising us the way she did. I found out a few years ago that others used to call my mom a hippie... sometimes. Now that I think of it, it does make sense, as who else would take their five-year-old to fringe organizations to learn how to meditate? Or teach numerology? Tarot Cards?

Nowadays this is your average, mainstream information, but might I remind you this was almost 40 years ago, during the 80s, in Soviet-occupied Estonia. The information was passed on in whispers and there were really just a handful of these people in the whole country, meeting with psychics and discussing life path numbers. My mom was one of them. Thank God and the Universe that’s how she was because that’s what made me who I am.

Fast forward to today....

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