The Tory-capades reared its head but then subsided

Patrick Brown. Photo: Adu Raudkivi (2018)Patrick Brown. Photo: Adu Raudkivi (2018)
Last week we were left with four leadership candidates (Christine Elliott, Doug Ford, Caroline Mulroney and Tanya Granic Allen) and the former party leader (Patrick Brown) making noise in the wings.

Since then Brown became a candidate for leadership, paid the $100,000 entry fee to win the job he didn't need to quit in the first place and then a few days later quit the leadership race (forfeiting the $25,000- entry fee) to concentrate on suing CTV network for accusing him of playing silly with underage ladies.
He was facing other questions about the party's membership lists and how they were paid (the party membership has to paid by the person signing up themselves). Another question was how he could afford to pay the $1.72 million mortgage on his $2,300,000 on his $187,000 party leader salary.

One of the polling organizations that samples a larger segment than other pollsters had Brown only a few points behind the leader Elliott when he pulled the plug.

There will be another comment before the leadership vote on March 10.



Adu Raudkivi