Estonian KGB foreign operations targeting wide variety of objects (VII)

Einar Sanden author of ‘Mitme näo ja nimega’ (With many faces and names) 1978, met with Tuldava-Haman in 1995 in Tallinn’s Old Town. Sanden’s book, published 17 years earlier is about Tudava-Haman. It includes details about his recruitment, his work for the MGB before being sent to Sweden and many other facts about the Soviet operative which are difficult to refute.

It’s inevitable that Tuldava-Haman categorically denied any accusations about being tasked by the MGB/KGB. But Tuldava-Haman’s insistence that he was rewarded upon his return with a faculty position at Tartu University was due this distinguished work as a scholar is not totally believable. However, had he not been a valuable asset for Soviet intelligence while abroad he surely would have been convicted of treason and served an appropriate sentence, given his public stance as an authentic anti-Soviet activist - one who was able to embellish speeches and articles with personal experience with Communist tyranny. 

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Laas Leivat, Toronto