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Ehatare continues to adapt to ever-changing times

On December 12, 2022, the Estonian Relief Committee of Canada (ERC) hosted its annual general meeting via Zoom for the fiscal year 2021 chaired by ERC Chairman Allan Meiusi.

Ehatare’s Interim Executive Director Piret Komi and present Executive Director Veronika Viinamäe presented reports for their respective service periods. Both noted how staff and management handled the challenges of the pandemic with great compassion and effectiveness, highlighting how the Nursing Home had not suffered any deaths due to COVID-19. Pandemic funding provided by the Ministry of Long-Term Care was meant for infection control improvements. Common areas of the home also received attention. Carpeting was replaced with laminate flooring, high-touch surface areas were replaced with upgraded materials and new furniture with washable material was purchased. New mattresses, beds, privacy curtains and bed lifts were installed in the Nursing Home. Funding also went towards tables and chairs in the 4th floor dining hall along with washable chairs for the solarium and resident rooms. New LED lighting has made Ehatare a brighter and warmer home. Pandemic funds from the Ministr...

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