The world is binary Chaos vs. order (3)

Jordan B. PetersonJordan B. Peterson
For some curious reason clinical psychologist and University of Toronto professor Jordan B. Peterson is a polarizing figure. Social media has contributed to this greatly. On the one hand, you have the rabid, vocal, entitled Western left, who label Peterson an alt-right male chauvinist. And on the other hand you have those capable of thinking for themselves. His students, his readers and viewers. (Peterson’s Youtube videos are reasoned and well-thought out.)

But do not take my word for the latter observation. Consider that his UofT students consistently rank him among the best three educators that they have ever had. Or that his recent book, fresh on the shelves, 12 Rules for Life, An Antidote to Chaos is at the moment atop most Canadian non-fiction bestseller list. It is also among Amazon’s and British booksellers’ fastest moving books, most popular works.

Better yet, read this book. Avoid the expected praise on the back cover – among them Camille Paglia, quite the right-wing feminist, yet very intelligent and observant, calls Peterson the “most important and influential Canadian thinker since Marshall McLuhan.” (Read more: Estonian Life No. 15 2018).

Tõnu Naelapea, Toronto