Memoirs – Volume 1 now available

A great gift for anyone interested in biographies and the lives that some Estonians have led. 526 pages of stories in English for only $25!

Read about:
• visiting a nudist beach in Germany in 1955
• pouring petrol on your jacket stuck onto the end of your oar and lighting it to be saved by the Swedish coast guard
• being an observing officer during the Spanish Civil War
• making feather pens and working on Estonia’s railways
• how farmer’s lives improved greatly during Estonian independence
• having to open the windows in the middle of winter in Stokholm and the workers having to do 10 minutes of exercises to ’improve production’
• fleeing Estonia in 1944 and finally reaching South Africa

Some have written longer memoirs, others shorter episodes. But each is very different from the other and it is interesting to see how varied their life’s experiences were.

In this volume read about the lives of: Hilja Kütt, August Avandi, August Kangur, Evi Veltmann Paap, Sergei Rauk, Juta Ilves, Endla Kannel, Eerik Purje, Maie Ilves, Tarvo Toomes, Alice Tomson, Saima Varangu, Helga Sepp, Elmar Tani, Maire Polashek, Aino Müllerbeck, Juhan Kohv, Aksella Lokk, Leida Strauss, Ants Saar, Tiina Lepp-Addinall, Lilian Puust and Alliki Arro.

Available from Epp Aruja 416-447-8958 (See e-posti aadress on spämmirobotite eest kaitstud. Selle nägemiseks peab su veebilehitsejas olema JavaSkript sisse lülitatud.)
Peeter & Maie Ilves 416-767-6464
Guido Laikve 416-444-6405
Epp will be selling them at the Rahvajõulu on Dec. 8th. So come and get some Christmas presents for your non-Estonian friends or those who find it easier to read in English!
Elulugude Kirjutajate Rühm – Memoir Writer’s Group