Register to Vote in the Upcoming Estonian Central Council in Canada Elections Today!

TORONTO - The Estonian Central Council in Canada will be holding an election this coming December for its National Assembly and is calling on all Canadians of Estonian heritage to register to vote and to consider running as a candidate.


The Estonian Central Council is among the oldest Estonian representative groups of the diaspora. It was established in 1954 and represents the interests of an estimated 40,000 Canadians of Estonian heritage.

The National Assembly meets twice yearly and is run by the National Executive which meets every month in Toronto and online and includes representation from across Canada.


The council is a member of the Baltic Federation of Canada and currently heads the Central and Eastern European Council in Canada, which represents the interests of over 4 million Canadians of CEE heritage.


Over the past four years, The Estonian Central Council has successfully led and joined initiatives to:

  • Adopt Magnitsky legislation to place visa bans and asset freezes on Russian and other global corrupt human rights violators;
  • Advocate and secure tax free status and a reduced tax rate for the Jõekääru Children’s Camp;
  • Lead our global Estonian communities to advocate for an Estonian government initiative to create an Estonian government Global Estonian cooperation committee;
  • Advocate for the Canadian government to lead and deploy troops in Latvia as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence;
  • Successfully advocated the Canadian Government and Minister of Foreign Affairs - starting in 2015- to deploy a fully accredited Canadian diplomat to Tallinn;
  • Build strong bilateral relations and cooperation with the USA, Swedish, British, Australian, Latvian and other global Estonian communities;
  • Successfully advocated for the removal of goods that glorify the hammer and sickle and other Soviet symbols from major online retailers;
  • Built, maintained and developed strong relationships with the Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Albanian, Belarusian, Hungarian, and Macedonian communities in Canada.


Elections will be held online using a secure voting system. For those who are unable to vote online, voting booths will be set up in major Estonian centers in Canada, including the Ehatare Seniors Home, Estonian House and various churches and community centers across Canada.


 Voters, who are at least 18 years of age as of January 2020 can register online here!