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Põhjakotka Tare Sponsors

Estonian scouting has a long, rich history in Toronto. For over seventy years, we have been contributing to the development of our youth through the scouting value system, with a strong emphasis on Estonian heritage.

Following the founding of the new Põhjakotka troop in 2015, we have experienced a steady increase in enrollment and we are poised for further growth in the years to come.

Our local scouts and guides are fortunate to have Kotkajärve, our prize of a campground in Muskoka, at our disposal. Kotkajärve provides year-round opportunities for outdoor adventure and challenge, and we strive to use the camp facilities as often as possible.

With the generous support of the community, a vision has come to fruition. The new Põhjakotka Tare provides a wonderful modern building with flexible user space, washing facilities and storage that will be used for generations to come by the Pohjakõtka cubs & scouts as well as other users of Kotkajärve.

The Põhjakotka Scout group would like to take the opportunity to thank every one of the very generous donors who contributed towards the construction of new tare. Without your support this proje...

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