Georgian Bay Estonian Pub night, February, 23rd

Foto: Carol Kuuter (2019)Foto: Carol Kuuter (2019)
It started like this: I moved to Collingwood two and a half years ago. I had heard there were a few Estonians here - some year-round and more, who have cottages here.

One day, my husband was at the hardware store, wearing a Seedrioru shirt. A young man came up to him and said "tere." Since then, I have heard of more and more Estonians in the area. I decided it was time to get everyone together, and when better than the weekend of Estonian Independence day!

It was a nice evening and we met some "new" Estonians. We were twenty-two in total and expect more the next time.

If you would like to find out about the next event, a Facebook group was created: Georgian Bay Estonians Everyone is welcome to join, whether you are here year round or on the weekends.

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