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There and Back: Five Easy Steps to Living in Estonia (part one)

You are a young person in your twenties, and the thought of spending some time in Estonia has intrigued you. How do you go about doing this? Let's hear the ins and outs from a 23-year-old American-Estonian, who grew up in Chicago and recently moved to Estonia for 13 months.

Hillar Lauri, Entrepreneur and part-time math teacher
Hillar Lauri, Entrepreneur and part-time math teacher

Feliks Vahtra, born in 1999, grew up in Chicago, Illinois. He lived the typical diaspora eestlase life of someone his age, attending Estonian-related events at the Eesti Maja in Chicago, and during the summers, attending Jõekääru Camp just north of Toronto. With his parents, he traveled to Eesti a couple of times, usually to take part in the big song festival called Laulupidu. He enjoyed these trips and spending time in Estonia. Vahtra said that after finishing school, he was not that keen on starting down the path of finding an office job in the US.

In Eesti Elu (yes, yes, shameless self-promotion for Eesti Elu) he read about an Estonian NGO named “Brotherhood of Adventurers” or in Estonian Seiklejate Vennaskond, for which one of their projects is to bring väliseestlased “back” to Estonia for two weeks and introduce them to the land of their ancestors. Many different Est...

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