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Farewell to KESKUS’ first employee: Project Coordinator Rei Carcani helped shape our future home

KESKUS Update #161


For Rei Carcani, taking on the role of KESKUS Project Coordinator was a perfect fit. “I know the importance of having a place for the newer generations who haven’t had a chance to go to their homeland, an opportunity to experience the culture and find out what it’s all about,” he said.

Rei, who was on a student co-op placement from Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) (formerly Ryerson University) has been on board with the project since May, and will complete his time with KESKUS at the end of this year. He is a third-year civil engineering student specializing in structural engineering and plunged into this project with great enthusiasm.

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Project Coordinator Rei Carcani
Project Coordinator Rei Carcani

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