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Game Time: Leia sobiv sõna!

Tere tulemast noortenurka! This week in the Kids' Corner, we have another game for you by Kersti Klauks that will test your memory, or otherwise help you learn a whole bunch of different Estonian words.

The rules are simple: look at the sentence on top and choose the correct word that will complete the sentence. The image on the right hand side will tell you what that word will be, and it's up to you to remember what that word is in Estonian.

We recommend that you have a dictionary by your side, so that if you don't know the word, you can look it up. Try writing down the words you don't know (in both Estonian and English) so that it stays in your mind.

Later on, ask someone to read from the list of words you don't know, so you can tell them both versions of the word.

Head to to try the game out!

Leia sobiv sõna

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