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Game Time: Vares vaga linnukene

If you're together with an odd number of friends (e.g. seven or nine) and you want to play a game, try this rahvamäng (Estonian folk game) from .

As they explain on their site, the aim is for all players to hold hands in pairs and move in a circle around one player (the “crow) as the song plays. When the refrain (“Ketras, ketras, kelle ratas?…”) starts, everyone has to find a new person to hold hands with. Whoever doesn't find someone has to be the “crow” in the middle until the next refrain.

Before you play, watch the video and read the lyrics of the song below:

:,: Vares, vaga linnukene, lendas linna uulitsale. :,:  

:,:  Ketras, ketras, kelle ratas? Vanaeide vokiratas! :,:   

:,:  Villad vakas, takud lakas, kotikangas kuke nokas! :,:

:,:  Säält ta lendas katusele, kõrtsimamma matusele. :,:

:,:  Ketras, ketras … :,:

:,:  Eit tegi püksid, taat tegi püksid, endal olid enne püksid. :,:

:,:  Ketras, ketras … :,:

:,:  Siis said kokku kolmed püksid, kokku kolmed uued püksid. :,:
Refrään: :,:  Ketras, ketras … :,:

(original source: Pärimuslikud laulumängud lastele, prepared by Janne Suits, published by Kirjastus MTÜ

Game instructors: Signe Liblikmann ja Alice

Game players in the video: Tallinna Kullatera Lasteaed, Aasalillede rühm)

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