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Happy as a clam

The pandemic age has led the slimster to plenty of reflection. Solitude and death will do that to you. Apologies for mentioning that reality. Jack Spratt – you know, the one who ate no fat – looked back at 2022 once again and realized that his last two musings were about death and dying.

First an obituary in the local rag triggered pondering over what song should be sung at one’s dirge. Then the loss of Riho Sibul when he should have had many more years on the stage of life.

While searching for happier music recently, a John Prine disc practically begged to be listened to. And another musical journey was returned to, one broken when Prine became the first prominent North American musician to succumb to Covid. Pre-vaccine, no matter what one’s opinion of getting jabbed or not might be. (He was honored with his song “Souvenirs” played as the opening song on CBC Radio One’s year-end show in 2020, noting who from the musical world had passed, not necessarily falling victim to Covid.

T’was a loss, for Prine certainly had a way with words. His Grammy-winning CD The Missing Years addressed in the title song Jesus’ early life, before his ministry, no...

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