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“Lastetuba” on ERR’s Lasteekraan

On Eesti Rahvusringhääling's (Estonian Public Broadcasting) web platform, you'll find a plentiful collection of Estonian language programs from game shows to dramas, news programs to documentaries. This is ideal multimedia content for immersing yourself in the Estonian language.

Video still of Timmu and Lennart from Lastetuba (from

It engages listening and reading abilities in context, according to your personal interests. It's more likely to stick in your brain this way, even if the words you're hearing are clipping by at a challenging pace.

The site also happens to stream a regularly updated selection of kid's programmes on Lasteekraan (“Children's Screen”).

Among these is Lastetuba, starring Timoteus (Timmu for short, performed by Mart Kampus), a bespectacled, rainbow striped reptile puppet with a tuft of stringy yellow hair. He's quite a persnickety and rambunctious host for the show, nattering with a rotating guest list of friends and subject experts who show the viewers how to play games, how to make things with their hands, and other new skills, all with a welcoming emphasis on trying new activities out, no matter how proficient you are at them.

In one particular episode, Timmu is joine...

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