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Laula kaasa / sing-along: “Kujundite laul”

If you've ever wanted to cha-cha-cha, get moving, sing, and learn the words for shapes all at once, Estonian band LOLALA has just the song for you.

Put together with fun, colourful patterns and characters, “Kujundite laul” introduces to the triangle, rectangle, circle, and square. Do you know how to say those words in Estonian? If not, watch the video below! Even if you do, though, it's a fun song to put on your speakers or headphones and listen to.

While you're at it, try to come up with a list of even more shapes that are out there. Maybe you can find the word for:









Think about 3D shapes, too, like cylinders, cubes, and pyramids.

P.S. If there are other songs for families that you really enjoy and want us to share, send us an email at !

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