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Meet Estonian Innovators in Toronto on June 12th

A delegation from Creative Destruction Lab Estonia will visit Toronto in June, and they look forward to meeting the local Estonian community and everyone else interested in innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

Source- Mirjam Savioja:University of Tartu
Source: Mirjam Savioja / University of Tartu

The networking event with Estonian entrepreneurs, investors—plus research and innovation experts—will take place in the evening of June 12th at Tartu College (3 Madison Ave, Toronto, ON M5R 2S2). Visit VEMU Estonian Museum Canada’s website or follow them on Facebook for more information.

Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is an initiative founded in Toronto, aiming to enhance the commercialization of science for the betterment of humankind. Grown out of Rotman School of Management in 2012, CDL now runs its entrepreneurship program in 12 sites across the world. CDL-Estonia is CDL’s newest location: it was established a year ago at the University of Tartu. 

CDL’s intense nine-month-long program provides companies with mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, technology and business advice, as well as opportunity to raise funds. The program operates in 20 streams, ranging from Supply Chain to Climate. It is not surprising that Estonia, with its digital public infrastructure and an impressive number of startups per capita, runs the Digital Society stream. Despite being a fresh initiative, the first Estonian round of admissions attracted over 50 applications, and the current cohort are close to graduation. Some companies accepted into the program who are visiting Toronto include:

Avokaado  – a comprehensive toolbox for automating, negotiating, signing, and managing contracts.  

Gscan  – 3D imaging and chemical composition analysis using cosmic ray scans, that can be used in the security, customs, and construction industry.

LightCode Photonics  – dynamic pixel 3D cameras for use in smart machines.

Meneken Trials  – a compliance platform for clinical trials.

Migrevention  – a digital headache clinic that helps log and track headache episodes and consult with specialists.

Soulie – an app curating social media, giving the user a more personal and mindful experience.

Vool  – smart charging solutions for electric vehicles that help save energy and costs.

Come and meet these companies and other Estonian innovators at Tartu College on June 12th. The event will feature a “fireside chat” and plenty of opportunities for connecting with people. Moreover, if you have a technology-based startup that could make an impact in the world, CDL’s next round of applications is open until July 28th, 2023. For more information, you can ask CDL-Estonia representatives in person at the networking event or check

Creative Destruction Lab Estonia

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