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Musical musing from the melting pot

Antarctica is hardly the continent one would describe with the adjective above. Yet the concept of melting is of concern, considering global warming.

The latest musical collaboration from Valmar Kurol and Michael Stibor, their fourth CD together, Valmar’s fifth album of Antarctic music, recently reached Toronto. It has been in frequent play ever since. Confirming his affection for the continent, in strong force since his first visit in 1993 to Antarctica.

Mysteries of Antarctica: Myths and Realities breaks new ground for the duo. Previous recordings were orchestral in sound, cinematic really, often New Age. Music that was calming yet inspiring, leading to either introspection or active creation, both experiences are always welcome. The instrumental rock stylings on the album are a new and very enjoyable direction.

Stibor emphasizes in the liner notes, writing part of the introduction, that for most, if asked, Antarctica would sound just as noted above, as composed for the first four CDs. But for Stibor Antarctica, “arguably more than any place on Earth, is a true melting point of different peoples, cultures, and backgrounds.” Referenc...

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