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Professor Rein Taagepera: University of Toronto lecture “Size and Number of States over 5000 Years”

This past weekend our Estonian community’s highly revered Professor Rein Taagepera visited Toronto for several events. A number of Toronto Estonian organizations jointly invited Professor Taagepera for this visit in honour of his 90th anniversary.

On Sunday, these organizations hosted a reception at Tartu College which included a presentation by Taagepera entitled “Kui Ajalugu Liikuma Hakkas” (When History began to Accelerate) and a celebratory dinner. The large crowd of guests were treated to Taagepera’s account and personal reflections on the years leading up to and during Estonia’s independence in 1991.

Before returning home to California on Monday, Professor Taagepera was a guest speaker at University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. This lecture was hosted by Professor Andres Kasekamp, the Chair of Estonian Studies. The subject of his U of T lecture was entitled “Sizes and Number of States over 5000 Years” and was an extract of his forthcoming book “More People, Fewer States: The Past and Future of World Populations and Empire States”.

In his introduction, Kasekamp presented the highlights of Taagepera’s per...

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