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St. Peter’s Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Toronto: Background of its current situation

A lot of misinformation about our congregation and Council has appeared in Eesti Elu and the Estonian World Review. The Council of St. Peter’s church wishes to clarify its actions and the decisions which have been taken to solve the congregation’s financial problems.

We emphasize that Council has had no discussions nor has it any connection with the International Estonian Centre (Keskus).

The church’s Audit Committee has directed our attention to our deteriorating financial situation for many years and it has suggested some remedies, for example, publishing articles and photos of church activities in Eesti Elu and more direct contact with members in the hope that this might increase awareness of and interest in the church and incentivize financial support. We have tried to decrease expenditures as much as is feasible. The most effective measure was the conversion of the administrative position from full to part-time. Council has tried to implement the suggestions of the Audit Committee. However, the impact has been minimal.

In 2019 the Future Committee, consisting of volunteers from the Advisory Committee, was created at the suggestion of ...

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