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Chanced upon, well, was guided to it, a recent video of an Estonian-speaking parrot on Reddit. We had budgerigars, not parrots, before the offspring somehow showed up.

Korneelius and Vilhelm were their names. The budgies. My sense of humour. Conquerors, rulers both. Understood Estonian too. Truly. Tule siia And they flew to me and sat on my shoulder. I believe in a perverse way that they really liked nibbling on my earlobes. And leaving their calling cards on my clothes as well.

Thinking about labels here. Such as for the birds. I consider myself to be an Estonian first, as my formative years, from birth onwards, were conducted in Estonian. And, giving thanks to the country of my birth, a Canadian second. No need for a hyphen. That is the way it is. And forget about the term väliseestlane. It is a divisive, almost pejorative word, not allowing for the very real truth that so many had to flee Stalinist terror. For numerous, varied reasons. Is not life more important than stubbornness? Or lack of opportunity?

The title was chosen for it usually is misunderstood. How do you define a statesman? One recalls how Toomas Hendrik Ilves, during his tim...

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