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Sunny ways – really?

Canada is a grim country to live in these days. It is not only dealing with the continuing pandemic but with the fact that our politicians are inept and the voting public, the taxpayer, is apathetic.

Election after election proves the point. Three of them within 13 months – federal in September of last year, June’s Ontario provincial, and now the municipal election, where a record low of voters registered their preference. A mere 29% chose to exercise what is truly a privilege and a right that is precious and not to be dismissed.

Winston Churchill famously noted that democracy is far from ideal, but it is the best system available. To borrow from the notable statesman – who, ironically enough, was far from perfect himself, the list is long, and after being such an example of courage during WW II was summarily banished from power by the fickle British voter.

To paraphrase Churchill, the Liberal party is far, far from ideal, but considering the alternatives at present, one has to be like the famous buttercup and suck it up until the other two parties get their act together, offering a viable alternative, a strong leader. Fortunately the vai...

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