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The anti-Ukraine left and right fringes

With some exceptions, it’s evident that the far left and far right have converged in their positions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, at least in the US. It was starkly evident with the February 19 demonstration, “Rage Against the War Machine” at the Lincoln Memorial.

The fringes’ alliance included far-right GOP politicians Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul, and leftist Jill Stein of the Green Party. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson promoted the event and Russian flags were seen in the crowd. Seemingly a natural fit.

It would appear that leftists are willing to make common cause with some of the most rabid pro-Trumpians, like Carlson who has said, “Has Putin ever called me a racist?”. Marjorie Taylor Greene, touted by some as a perfect running mate for Trump, is also on record: “America needs to stop pushing the war in Ukraine.”

The American far left have also embraced this narrative – the culprit for hostilities is expansionist NATO, fueled by an aggressive US foreign policy. The left, like the Kremlin, reject reality – every nation that has joined NATO did so willingly, in fact abided by the overwhelming demand of its citizenry to be part of the allianc...

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