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The Curious and Comical Perceptions of Estonia by Artificial Intelligence

Thoughts and minds lurk within the expanse of the Internet. That's the impression we get, at least, when there is a dramatic spike in what artificial intelligence is capable of.

Recently, portraits images generated by the app called Lensa have gone viral. Users pay a small sum for 100 AI-created portraits in a whole slew of styles, quite a few of them being very accurate representations of users' appearances. Evidently, it doesn't necessarily require a trained artist's hand to create a portrait of ourselves.

AI can upgrade pixelated images. It might even be able to write this very article if you had the right software! In this way, it's been argued that AI threatens the livelihoods of creative professionals, though there is an influence of emotion and real human experiences that can never be replicated by AI.

AI products also raise ethical concerns about whether we can trust the images, text, and information we consume digitally.

Let's be balanced, though. There are applications of AI that expand our imagination and possibilities. One such application that came up recently was . This tool allows you to harness the pow...

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