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The Saviour of Lasnamäe

Allan Cameron and Mari Saat

Mari Saat's novel „The Saviour of Lasnamäe” has now been published in English by Glasgow-based publishing house, Vagabond Voices. In April 2016, the writer visited Scotland and took part at book launch events in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Both events were well attended.

Mari Saat is an Estonian economist and writer who teaches business ethics at Tallinn Technical University. As a successful writer she has published several novels, childrens' books and short story collections. She is known for her sharp social analysis and existential explorations.

„The Saviour of Lasnamäe” is an important milestone in Estonian literature for addressing the issues of Russian migrants, economic and moral arguments in post-Soviet society, and balancing between religious and worldy spheres. It tells the story of a middle-aged Russian woman, Natalya Filippovna, who loses her job in an electronics factory and subsequently becomes a prostitute. The book was awarded the main literary prize in 2008 by the Estonian Cultural Foundation and has been translated into several languages.
The book can be ordered online at

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