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Time Machine: Lesser Known Circumnavigations

The voyage of Fernão de Magalhães (Ferdinand Magellan) often receives the most credit when circumnavigation of the globe is discussed. Though, Magellan didn't survive the voyage himself.

The Bay of Petropavlovsk, from Adam Johann von Krusenstern, Materjalid elu ja tegevuse kohta
The Bay of Petropavlovsk, from "Adam Johann von Krusenstern, Materjalid elu ja tegevuse kohta"

It was Juan Sebastián Elcano and 17 others from the original crew of 260 who finally made it back to Sanlúcar, Spain in 1522, onboard the Nao Victoria. Enrique of Malacca, who was enslaved by de Magalhães, may have also circumnavigated first through several voyages.

More than two dozen expeditions later, Baltic Germans from Estonia were also sailing around the world, leading Imperial Russian expeditions. But at this point, expeditions had expanded in their intent. Diplomacy and financial gain were on the agenda, and scientific research took place, even if only incidental.

In 1806, the trip around the world was completed by Admiral Adam Johann von Krusenstern (born in 1770 at Hagudi Manor, Rapla County), together with Ukrainian naval officer Yuri Lisyansky (born in Nizhyn in 1773), paid for by the Russian-American company.

After departing from St. Petersburg on the 26th of August 1803, the route that von Krusenstern's ship (Nadezhda) and Lisyansky's ship (Ne...

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