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We The Nordic: A celebration of Eestlus full of wow and wonder!

The Hamiltoni Eesti Selts for a second time has assembled a brilliant collage of entertainment, food offerings, and the “WOW” factor of… wait for it… a carving of a 7 foot long and 5 foot high Viking ship made of ice!!

LIVE! At the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario, under the creative and progressive leadership of Leila Hess, president of the Hamiltoni Eesti Selts, the Board consisting of (in alphabetical order) Toomas Eichebaum, Rein Ende, Riina Knowles, Lisa Ross, Kairi West, and Krista Alexopoulos transformed the 3rd floor into a magical maze of offerings to wander and wonder through!

We were wowed by the carving out of ice by the Ice Guys of a 7 ft Viking ship right before our eyes in a few short hours. This live demonstration was graciously supported by the Northern Birch Credit Union, which continues to be a great supporter of our Estonian community. We are so appreciative of their support. They truly understand what it means to be a part and supporter of all things Eesti!

Photo: Peeter Põldre

Once reaching our table, we were treated to a spread of beet gravlax expertly prepared by Erik Hess. Our seltsi hostesses went around the roo...

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