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Why do we keep selling ourselves short?

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “Arguing for one’s own limitations”. What does that mean? And how does it manifest in our own lives, as immigrants from a country with a different set of cultural rules than Canada?

Eline Mets—Filmmaker, poet, and RCIC ( )
Eline Mets—Filmmaker, poet, and RCIC ( )

I’ve been working with people from Estonia and the Baltics long enough that I have started to see the patterns in our behaviour. The reason I am able to pinpoint it so clearly is the fact that I, more often than not, have fallen prey to the same broken belief systems, especially when it comes to not knowing or advocating for our own value. However, the first step in making a change is identifying what needs to change.

I recently started working with a client who is highly educated, with several degrees, but is working at a low-skilled job. They came to me because their work permit was expiring, wanting help in order to stay in Canada. This is something I see so often: highly educated employees taking jobs way under their skill level because they think they have to. Says who? Who actually said you had to do that in order to progress?

Because by taking low-skilled employment now, you have effectively eliminated an opportunity to stay ...

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